Czech Republic EU Chairmanship in 2009

Czech Republic will become the chairman of the European Council in the first half of 2009. The Congress Centre in Prague is going to be the huge building which hosts the delegates. Prague so become the half-year capital of the EU. The total estimations speak of about thirty thousands clerks, politicians, and people from press.

During those twenty seven years the building of the Congress Centre (Or Palace of Culture, as it was called) stands, there was never held such a huge action before. In 2000 it hosted the NATO, and after there were only short-term actions. Now it will be a long term rent, a very prestigious and a very expensive one.

For us who live in Prague, the positive thing is we can look forward to number of social and cultural events, which are going to be held in Prague. Every month in the incoming half-year is going to be devoted to one of our characters, who becomes a theme of exhibitions, conferences or concerts.

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