Reggae evening in Prague

Reggae is a music genre first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s. Music of Reggae is often associated with the Rastafarian movement, an influence on many prominent reggae musicians.

In middle Europe, where Prague is located, it is not easy to find a club, which would focus primarily on such a genre. Sometimes, it is easier to hear some Raggamuffin music or dancehall, but the traditional, non-electronic, non-cut Reggae is hard to find.

At least, for those of you who are in Prague, and want to listen to the music (and can’t refuse it), there is the Club Naftar, U Vinohradsk√© nemocnice 2, Prague 3. At least it provides some concerts sometimes. Like now, 26th January 2008, when there is RIDDIM DRIVEN NIGHT FROM KINGSTON TO PRAGGA, the “SWAMP SAFARI SOUND SYSTEM”, presenting Vincent from Jamaica.



  1. Richard said, Jan 12, 06:33 PM #

    This is good information for people looking to hear Reggae music in Prague