Czech Prime Minister: Czechs are Cowards

4th January 2008: the Czech Prime minister for ODS, Miroslav Topolanek said in an interview for Hospodarske Noviny: “Czechs usually see everything negatively, and when anything happens, they make a mess in their pants.”

The statement immediately alerted those, who haven’t yet lost faith in Czechs, the most significant of them is the mayor of Czech city Cerhenice Karel Semerad, who appealed to Topolanek to apologize for his words, or he is prepared to institute legal proceedings: “The whole thing is much worse, than you, as an author, have one of the most responsible seats in the Czech Republic. How can you represent a nation, you have so low opinion about?” Semerad writes. His original profession is a historian.

Topolanek reacted in a way we got used to from the side of politicians: “I’m not going to apologize, I am ready to sue” He is known for his direct speaking.

Karel Semerad: “Do you know at least some of the thousands of fates of our national resistance, who fighted the Nazi tyranny?” How dare you spit on Czech heroes?”

Young National Democrats’ Party, well known for their neo-nazi marches, have already announced Topolanek committed a crime of seditious libel, defamation of nation and slander.

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