Czech Prime Minister: Yes to Olympics

The Prime mister, even when he was heard not speaking positively about the idea of Olympic Games in Prague, after a debate with Prague mayor Pavel Bem he said the government guarantees the Prague candidacy for 2016.

Even when ODS supports the Olympics, support of the whole government is not so clear. The KDU-CSL are definitely against, and possibly even the Green Party, so if the Olympics are to be put through, the ODS would have to do it themselves.

Most of the other parties are afraid of the financial costs of the enormous event. The Prime minister Mirek Topolanek however suggest, the promised support is not monetary, but juridical.



  1. Dave said, Jan 12, 07:40 PM #

    Ha, knew it! and thank god i think its a great idea to have the olympic in czech and ill be buying a ticket for it if i can ;]