Smokers from Germany find Paradise in the Czech Republic

cigarettes pile As there is total ban on smoking in restaurants in Germany from January 2008, the Germans living close to border travel to the Czech Republic to be able to smoke after their meal. “The first thing they ask for, is if they can smoke in here, and when they are seated, they ask for an ashtray immediately.” says a member of staff.

The same situation is with shopping for cigarettes in the Czech Republic. The prizes are low: Marlboro 76 CZK (2,64 €), Lucky Strike 64 CZK (2,3 €), Czech cigarettes Sparta, Petra and others 50-60 CZK (1,8 € – 2,14€) so cigarettes here are really cheap. Now, when the Czech Republic entered the Schengen space, there is no limit for transport.

However, there is a new anti-smoking law being prepared, which should make smoker’s life harder in Czechia, but now, even foreigners know Czech smokers can smoke free.

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