Irglova got BFCA prize for best film song from ONCE

Once is a 2006 Irish musical film written and directed by John Carney. Set in Dublin, it stars musicians Glen Hansard (of popular Irish rock band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová, a fictional Czech emigrant, as struggling musicians.

The Czech singer and pianist Marketa Irglova and Irish musician Glen Hansard got the prize of the American National Society of Film Critics, for the best original film song. They gained the Critics Choice Award for their song Falling Slowly from the 2007 film Once.

In December, they gained the prize of the Association of Los angeles film critics for the best film music. They are as well nominated for two Grammy Prizes – the best soundtrack and the best song.



  1. Lawrence Connolly, IAJ said, Jan 10, 08:17 PM #

    About nine months ago I passed by a local movie theatre. A billboard advertized the film Once, rated R. In my instant cynicism, I presumed the film was surfeited with sex and rejected it as just another prurient film pandering to the masses.
    Recently however, I happened to note that Once was now among the top ten for 2007 and had received some rave reviews as a musical love story sans sex! So, out of piqued curiosity, I watched the trailer. To write the least, I was caught completely off guard and was more than smitten by Marketa Irglova’s performance. I was slain. Her seemingly sincere purity pierced through tough layers and hit core emotions. In the privacy of my abode, carefully hidden from view, I wept at beholding her uncensored purity. To my embarrassment, I morphed into a semi-love slave and quickly became addicted to her brand of modest femininity. I stopped eating. I lost perspective. I Googled and YouTubed whatever I could find to learn more about her, to see and hear more of her. And the more I viewed and listened, the more bittersweet pain I experienced. I ate my heart out in sorrow realizing that I would never have such a woman like this, never experience a love like this. Surely relationships with such good women exist, but they are no longer available for those of us who have foolishly squandered our purity for fleeting pleasures. What an emotionally rocking comeuppance! Undoubtedly there are now thousands of men whose hearts have secretly been sundered, men battling suddenly surging emotions at the sight and sound of this lovely young woman.

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