Right-wing radicals 'Skinheads' to Czech streets again on 19th

a german neo-nazi Their march was banned. Than the ban was lifted. Than it was banned again. When they tried to break through police cordons in Prague, they got beaten by the special police. The speaker of the group with a small pack got into Prague centre and got beaten up by the anarchists. We are talking about Czech neo-nazis, who, despite the general public standing against them, still don’t give up.

The march in Prague took place on 10th November, and there is a new demonstration planned in Pilsen, Czech Republic, the date is 19th January 2008. Again, there is an international support probably coming, anyone can publicly read on a German right-wing radical forum, where they invite all the ‘free, social and national’ friends.

As with the case of march in Prague, the Jewish community plans to gather at Grand Synagogue. Police prepared an emergency scenario for the occasion.

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