BBC reveals shocking truth: Cages are still imposed at disabled in Czech Republic

J. K. Rowling, during her visit last year, find out the horrible situation and decided there must be something done. Now, one year after, a BBC team in disguise films that nothing much changed.

BBC – The Czech Republic banned the use of cage-like beds in children’s care homes a year ago, under international pressure. But as Clive Myrie reports for the Ten O’clock News, secret filming shows the use of the beds goes on. Link to the BBC article here.

The pictures they filmed show youngsters with severe mental and physical disabilities being housed in so-called “cage beds”. The cages are 1.5m tall. The personnel touched them only through the bars, as if touching an animal in its cage at the zoo, reports the BBC.

Martin Zarsky, Czech Minister of Social Affairs commented it: “We are trying – it’s difficult to put in a comprehensive system of monitoring overnight.”

The BBC report closes: “If the Czech Republic is truly to fulfil its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights, then it must look after all its citizens – including those who have been warehoused in cages for society’s convenience.”



  1. Petr said, Jan 16, 10:40 AM #

    There are moments like this one, when I am really ashamed for being a Czech. People can speak different, but if the Czech Republic had been an island like the Great Britain, we would all have rotten in our own shit long time ago. Thanks God for the developed countries, that hold us in limits, so we don’t fuck up everything that can be fucked up. What happened to the Czech nation during communism is incredible. Did everybody with brains die or emigrated? This is just fucking incredible!