Authentic Copy to National Library Team

An authentic copy, sent to the prime minister, Prague Mayor Pavel Bem and the minsters of education and scholarship by Prague accademics, says among others:

“Building of the National library is not building of a gymnasium, it is a majestic project, which influences other fate of Clementinum.” academics let the National Library team know.

This time, when we talk about National Lbrary, it is not the case of Blob, or Octopus, but the Original NL building; Clementinum. The academics are afraid Prague centre ‘disneyfies’ and it is becoming an outdoor museum.

One of the typical places, that has always belonged to students, is the space of Palachovo square, where Rudlolphinum, the Modern art Gallery and Clementinum are. The idea is when the Blob, or other library will be opened, the old library should, acording to the politicians, open to tourists. This would, however, destroy the unique atmosphere, which the space posses.

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