Czech Original Music Awards

The typical Czech music award ‘Zlaty Slavik’, that concerns with the most commercial music, is altered by ‘Fliter awards’ which are given by one of the most original Czech music magazine Filter.

The best Czech Music group is Sunshine. They became the total winner of the awards, and they also won in the ‘Group of the Year’ category, where they competed with Aneta Langerova, Tata Boys, Vypsana Fixa and Bullerbyne.

The best music video award gained Monkey Business for their video Kit Bike, about a Japanese, who likes Czech things. The best concert Group is, who played i.a. at the Glastonburry festival and in South Korea last year.

sunshine The best foreigner concert was made by 50 cent in T-mobile arena.

The Czech album of the year – Sunshine: Dreamer
The best Czech song – Tata Boys: Pesaci
The best Czech concert group:
The Czech Group of the Year: Sunshine
The new group: Scissorhands
The best music video: Monkey Business: Kit Bike
The best foreign concert: 50 Cent in Sazka Arena
The best Czech Music Festival: Rock for People

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