Neo-nazi demonstration in Pilsen results

As in the case of the last march, the right-wing extremists organized in Prague, most of foreign support was hold out of the Republic. The expected German support in the end counted just a few heads, and they arrived to Prague. Prague Paladskeho Square, which is a Prague ‘Hyde Park’, so became the host place for the neo-nazi once more.

As the Pilsen Mayor Pavel Rodr forbid the march in Pilsen, the right-wing radicals moved the place of their march to Prague, and those who stayed in Pilsen faced much dismay of the locals, especially those of Jewish origin, but also left-thinking groups, who organized even an open air concert of punk groups. Few dozens of neo-nazi, facing huge numbers of police, ended their attempts to demonstrate ‘for the freedom of speech’ and moved into a pub. 3 neo-nazis from Poland were taken into custody for heiling, which took place at half past eleven am already.

neo-nazi illustration photo Prague meeting at Paladskeho square attracted about 150 neo-nazi. They had their heads talking about ‘the oppression in which those who tell the truth live’ or about ‘how many foreigners sell drugs to our kids right now’ than they all shouted ‘Protest! Protest!’ The whole action took place without fights, as the police managed the crowd quite professionally. There were also many of ‘civilians’ who came to control the radicals, and many from the press. Four demonstrates were taken into custody, two for identification and two because of weapons they had (a boxer and a nunchuck)


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