Czech Mayors demand Olympics referendum at Constitutional yard

A fraction of the mayors against the Olympic Games have filed a complaint to the constitutional yard. They challenge Prague City Hall for not discussing their petition in the legitimate time.

They want to ‘stop Prague council from doing nothing’ The signers state to care foremostly for keeping the constitutional law. : “…respect for petition law is a sign of respect to democracy. It is possible Prague mayors oversee the petition because it doesn’t fit into their megalomaniac plans, however it is necessary to respect and discuss it according to the law”.

The speaker of Prague City Hall announced on 19th October, they are going to debate about the petition within 60 days. Now is 22th January and the ‘Mayors against the Olympics’ feel discriminated.

The Prague City hall have admitted earlier, they err. Some of Czech smaller cities demand referendum, because they are afraid the Olympics would drain away their budgets.


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