Second Big Reconstruction of Prague Congress Centre at hand

The Building is probably going to undergo another reconstruction again. Even when there were large innovations eight years ago, ‘Palace of Culture’ or Prague Congress Centre should be improved again.

The major event on the spot was the IMF and the World Bank Summit in 2002. Back there the modifications took place at the side close to Vysehrad, with new buildings containing places for multiple use, including cultural gatherings and administrative premises.

Now the managers speculate they would need more space for accompanying exhibitions. It would mean ‘moving’ of one of its sides forward. The new design wants to look like nothing has changed. And why do they need a space for exhibitions? They want to attract really big congresses to Prague. Reason?

Tomio Okamura, the speaker of the Association of travel bureaus and agencies affirms a common tourist spends 2800 CZK ( 100 €)a day (for everything) in Prague, but a congress tourist about two times more.


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