Prague Café Starbucks opened yesterday

starbucks prague The first Starbucks café opened at Prague Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter) yesterday. Now, you can get your favorite coffee in a regular or paper cup with the legendary Siren on it.

It is open for everybody, who like the American style of life, or good coffee. The prices are also American – the smallest cup of espresso for 45 czk, regular coffee is 80 czk, which is about 4$. (the usual price of a standard coffee in the Czech Republic is 20-30 czk)

The next Starbucks is going to be opened in February in Prague Palladium. Starbucks company is probably going to focus solely on Prague.

The Czech Republic is the first country in the Middle Europe to have Starbucks. Poland should be next during this year. The company has enterprises in Romania and Russia already. Hungary should come after Poland.

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