Svejnar attacks Klaus in His book

Both the Presidential candidates in the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar, released books before the elections.

Svejnar wanted to get the book published as fast as possible, however because of publisher’s problem it won’t be published until Friday. But we already know the basis of Svejnar’s message – it is Klaus’ fault the Czech Republic got into reccession in 1990’s.

Svejnar labeled Klaus as the direct contravener for bad salary situation in the CR: “due to Klaus’ failure the salaries are every year 10-20% lower than should be.”

Klaus, in his book, contrasts ‘Svejnar’s’ data with ‘his’, as according to him the reforms in 1992-96, during his prime minister secretaryship, increased salaries by 38%.

Klaus in his book focuses primarily on past economics, Svejnar also focuse on his vision of future development. This is also criticized by Svejnar – according to him Klaus belongs to the past.