Why do the Poles like Jozin z Bazin / Józek z bagien

jozek Lidove noviny Brought an Interview with Tomek Grabinski, a Wroclav-living Bohemist. They ask him, what is it in Józek z bagien (Jozeph from swamps) the Poles love.

Which Czech music Poles like… normally?

On one hand the famous Czech pop singers like Helena Vondrackova, Karel Gott and Nohavica, on the other groups like Cechomor, Uz jsme doma and -123 min.

Why Józek z bagien became such a hit in Poland?

It is probably because of Polish TVN 24 broadcasted the video with Polish subtitles in a satirical show. The video than started to spread massively via Youtube. This week, there was even an interview with Ivan Mladek (the author) and the strange dancer. Poles just loved the guy in a weird suit and the lyrics.

What is it about?

Some say it is an ecological song; the civilization intervenes into the nature too much. Others say it is a sociological song – Józek eats especially people from Prague, which represents hatred some people in other regions keep against Prague citizens.

In any case the Poles like the fun Czech are able to make of themselves, fun which the Poles like, but are not quite capable of making by themselves. Some polish cities even have ‘Józek for President’ written on walls.

Ivan Mladek comments it he doesn’t get exited very much – he with his group has been playing the song for 30 years, and the thing that matters is, whether there will be a tour in Poland.

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