The first Klaus vs Svejnar duel

Teh Czech Republic Presidential elections are in 9 days already, however the very first debate of Vaclav Klaus and Jan Svejnar took place yesterday. Who expected a serious debate, which would influence decisions, was disappointed. The 75 minutes debate would be easier to call a TV show (watch here). Questions were given by the CSSD senators.

Meanwhile Svejnar kept his professional poker face, Klaus gesticulated variously, rolled his eyes and his head, when he disagreed with Svejnar.

There were no new or unexpected quotes. The debate was more about irony, performance, and banter. But some quotes are worth translating:

svejnar photo by michigan uni Svejnar

“I thought, you just don’t publish in scientific magazines, but you don’t even read them. “

“You can vote for somebody for the past, or you can vote for somebody for the future.”

klaus photo by i.treehugger Klaus

“When I red one of his publication from the 90’s, I was horrified.”

“I can guarantee knowledgeable presidency, continuity, and enforcement of authentic interests of our country.”

The questions were from themes which are well known, but controversial. Global warming, privatization, European Union or Euro. Hopefully the planned ‘real’ debate will bring more.