Blockade of Prague Taxi drivers again

Prague Holesovice see another protest of taxi drivers today, as the angry drivers block Vrbenskeho street again. They demand the sign which doesn’t allow any other taxis than those from City Taxi company musts go away. The sign doesn’t allow taxis to go through, so they can neither drive their clients to the train station, nor pick them up there.

Vrbenskeho street probably stays blocked the whole day. As on Tuesday, there is about 50 taxi cars. “We keep the expressway blocked, until somebody contacts us. We communicate with Prague 7 Municipal council and City Police.” said the speaker. “we are sorry to everyone who needs to pass, but the situation has gone too far. We defend the rights of all taxi drivers.”

The Prague Municipal council doesn’t want to talk with them: “We are not going to negotiate” commented the speaker. “Now it’s on the police to deal with them.”

The speaker of the taxi drivers became famous when he hunger-stroked for 11 days last year, in front of the municipal council building last year, for the right of charging the customers by 99 CZK/km. In comparison with the price of City Taxi, which is 28 CZK/km, it is more than three times as much.

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