Prague Prostitutes to get a Licence?

The City Council brought a new law, according to which prostitutes working in Prague should have a licence, given by the specific city part.

If the law is passed, the prostitutes must show their health certificate, medical checkup and criminal record extract, to get a ‘prostitution licence’. “The law is the only possibility, how to solve the situation.” states the deputy of Mayor Rudolf Blazek. “We have no chance to control the situation at the present moment”

Some non-profit-making organizations, dealing with prostitution problematics however oppose that forcing prostitutes to have a licence only makes the problem worse – “I am afraid, that if such a law is passed, prostitutes only move to privates, or use the Internet to get the clients.” Hana Malinova. “We will only have more troubles getting to them.”

According to her estimations there are 3000 prostitutes, male and female, in the metropolis.

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