Czech Republic Presidential Elections in four days

Elections MF Dnes brought us results of a questionnaire, in which they asked 281 congressmen and senators. Who would they vote for? Klaus would get 126 votes, Svejnar 102. There are 23 representatives who would vote for none, 30 of them didn’t tell.

That means, there is still enough of those, who wouldn’t tell, aren’t decided, or vote ‘against their club’. The first round of presidential elections in the Czech Republic is on Friday.

Svejnar bets he will also get some votes of the ODS; “I expect it could happen” he said for MF Dnes, where he also stated he hasn’t got a flight ticket to the USA booked: “ …because I’ll win

Klaus prospers from People’s Party and Communists don’t support Svejnar as expected: “I am a candidate, because I believe I’ll win.”

To be elected, the candidate needs 141 votes of congressmen and senators.


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