Morcheeba in Prague Lucerna

new morcheeba Morcheeba are an English band that mixes influences from trip hop, rock, rhythm and blues and pop. Their most popular albums include debut Who Can You Trust? and Big Calm. They achieved huge international pop crossover success with the single “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” in 2000.

The founding Godfrey brothers (DJ Paul Godfrey and multi-instrumentalist Ross Godfrey) recruited Skye Edwards as vocalist in the mid-1990s, when the Morcheeba project started. Five albums later (2003), Edwards was asked to leave the band by the Godfrey Brothers as the individuals were beginning to go in separate directions musically, as the brothers wanted to try different things and had different musical ambitions.

Morcheeba comes to the Czech Republic with another singer – Jody Sternberg – for their live performances. The experience, if you are used to ‘good old Morcheeba’ can differ. They are featuring their new album dive Deep, released 4th February.

29th April 2008, Prague, Lucerna Tickets pre-sale at ticketpro for 690, ale the spot for 790 CZK.