Russia warns Poland: learn from the history

Negotiations among Poland and the USA about the military base have moved forward. Moscow doesn’t like it, warns of new Russia-Poland confrontations.

“Attempts to set up a confrontation line in Poland has until now always ended up tragically – as in WWII when the country lost almost one third of its population.” these were the words of the Russian deputy for Nato Dimitrij Rogozin, stating Poland has not learned from the history.

It is not the first diplomatically stated warning, Russia send. Last time, General-in-chief Jurij Balujevskij stated that a possible start of a defensive missile from the base in Poland can be red by the Russian systems as a launch of a ballistic missile. That would ‘provoke a launch of a Russian missile in return’.

As for the radar in Brdy, close to Prague, it will be build, as the last week brought the main negotiations to an agreement of the US and Czech governments.



  1. Mike said, Feb 5, 11:15 AM #

    Oh yeah? Learn from the history? If we should react in order not to repeat history, we should be prepared as much as possible for Russia in war! This country is becoming more and more dangerous. Don’t be blind! There will be a war, very, very soon. Prepare. Beware. It starts with threads, goes to ‘regulations’ and the next day we wake up at Siberia.

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