BUSH - High Contrast in Roxy Club, Prague

high contrast Lincoln Barrett aka High Contrast published his new album called „Tough Guys Don´t Dance“ in 2007 and now it is the right time to hear his present sound in Prague dominant club Roxy.

Everything Liam does in a studio, he learned by himself at the computer. He found his own way thanks to it – his liquid funk is spiced by samples and sound jumps to jazz or grime. Vocals, piano, violin, that’s his style.

On his vinyls and albums, you can hear classic or house music influences. Or a movie soundtrack. His tracks have dramatic composition, they are full of emotions, just like film music. Btw Lincoln dreams of making a real soundtrack to some cool movie.

High Contrast concert in Prague, presale 280 ticketpro.cz, 350 at the spot. Start 22:00, 21st March 2008, Experimental space Roxy, Dlouha 33, Prague 1


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