Czech Police Cars to probably have a make-over

skoda fabia in the police uniform MF Dnes informed about the possibility of Czech police Skoda cars giving up their white with green stripes. In the autumn 2008, there should appear new ones in silver metallic and blue lines.

“It is almost clear it will be that way.” The Police president commented for MF Dnes. “There should be some modernization of the image, that would demonstrate we are changing.”

octavia metallic Police management claims, that change is profitable from other reasons too. On the streets, Silver cars can be seen better than the white ones. And metallic cars can be sold better than plain white ones, when police decides to get rid of them.

This year, 700 new, mostly Skoda cars are planned to be bought, in the next three years another 2300 vehicles. The estimated costs are 1,4 billions CZK.

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