New Kofola Light

kofola - If/When you love it/her nothing else matters Kofola is a carbonated soft drink produced in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is the principal rival of Coca-Cola and Pepsi on the two markets.

The soft drink named Kofola was introduced in 1962, and it survived until now, being still popular. In 2002 they launched a a successful media campaign aimed at a young and hip audience based on the slogan “Když ji miluješ, není co řešit. / Keď ju miluješ, nie je čo riešiť.” (“If/When you love it/her nothing else matters.”) and since then, their sales steadily increase. The public image of Kofola is associated with being sexy by untypical way (picture).

Now, Kofola comes with a light version, called “Kofola Bez” (Kofola Without). The name is ambiguous, as the most popular Kofola campagin theme was nude beach.

Price and packages will be the same, the question is if it will be sold in those 50-litre kegs, from which they traditionally tap you one in a pub across the country.

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