Baby Cloud Rat born in Prague Zoo

ma cloud rat in prague zoo The cloud rats are a group of nocturnal rodents native to the forests of the Philippines.

Wikipedia states: “The Filipino Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau has begun breeding Northern Luzon slender-tailed cloud rats in captivity. London Zoo and the Bronx Zoo are the only locations outside of the Philippines where cloud rats are bred in captivity.”

cloud rat - Phloeomys pallidus If we want to be precise, we should edit the Wiki article, in order to add a new city into the list; Prague Zoo had a baby cloud rat born last month.

Maybe it is a sign of the coming year of the rat, but there were also traditionally uberstandard care of the Fejk’s Team. Zoo Prague gained two couples of these rodents last year. After the necessary quarantine they were placed into a carefully developed environment, the Zoo modelled after their Brazilian forest nature environment.

The baby Cloud Rat was born on 11th January 08, the young was born with hair, having about 120g.