Mladek with Jozin z Bazin head to Poland

Ivan Mladek, the Czech comedian and musician has just finished a new album – Jozin z bazin v Polsce. After the stunning success of the Józek z bagien (Joseph from swamps) song got in Poland, Mladek recorded an album with 17 songs, a part of them in Polish. Now he and his band prepare for their tour in Poland.

There are many youtube remixes, I would say the various versions together were viewed by more than 10 million viewers. “Because of the madness Józek z bagien brought after it’s 30 years of existence to Poland, we have made a new album, a mix of Czech and Polish versions of my songs.” Said Ivan Mladek.

Why is Józek z bagien still funny? because of the lyrics, our cultural similarity, and simply; because it is fun.

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