1st Round of CR Presidential Elections: Klaus was close

Friday and Saturday elections brought no winner. The number of votes necessary was 140, from the total 278 (three voters were absent). Klaus was however extremely close when he gained 140 votes, while Svejnar only 113. If Klaus got one more vote, he would have won.

The voting itself was full or arguing and tactics. When the lawmakers were supposed to vote on Friday, they have got themselves into a debate, whether the voting should be secret or open, which only led to accusations and rising pressure, finally ending in two voters collapse.

The second round of elections is on Friday again. The communist party plans to came up with their own candidate. They were present, but they did not take part in electing.

After the last voting being open, the method for next Friday stays unclear. Civic Democrats insist on secret vote. The candidates might be nominated tomorrow.


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