Czech Music Awards 2007

aneta lang. ‘Deska Roku’ – ‘Album of the Year’ 2007 prizes were given away.

The winner in the ‘Album of the Year’ women category, and also the absolute winner became Aneta Langerova, the 2004 Czech Pop Idol, with her new album Dotyk.

Daniel Landa scored three times in men category – the most sold records, the most radio played and the most tracks sold via the Internet. Daniel Landa is favored by some for his genially simple songs and success in sports, hated by others for his skinhead past.

The best music group award went to Cechomor, the well known group playing popularized traditional music.

The most sold international singer in CR was Madonna.

The results however confirmed decline in sales of CDs – in 2006 the most sold album of pub-rock group Kabat called ‘Corrida’ won with 56 900 sold pieces, Aneta Langerova managed to sell only 31 957 CDs to became the most bought songstress.


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