Presidential Elections and Role of Communists

The communist party boycotted the presidential elections on Saturday. As they expected, the price of their votes is raising, now when the second round comes. They are willing to vote for Jan Svejnar, but only under certain conditions.

“Jan Svejnar can get all our votes, if the Social Democrats and the Green Party promises, they won’t support the contract of building the American Radar base in the Czech Republic.” the chairman of Czech communists said to MF Dnes.

The Communists put their price quite high, they enjoy being the index hand. And for the case Svejnar refuses? They have their own own candidate, our Euro representative Jana Bobosikova. It is clear that if they will vote for her, the president will be Vaclav Klaus. But Klaus probably doesn’t need it – if the situation repeats, he needs only one vote more to be elected the president again.


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