Trial With Kozeny Started

The trial with escaped Viktor Kozeny, who reputedly defalcated 16 billions CZK (600 mil. €) was initiated. According to the judge it will take more than a year to be finished.

The ex-president of ‘Harvard Funds’ (which has nothing to do with Harvard) Viktor Kozeny and his colleague Boris Vostry are charged with fraud and violation of duty while administrating external financial sources. The trial could give them up to 12 years in state prison. Both of them are prosecuted as fugitives.

The complaint was filed by Zdenek Castoral, who as the company liquidator found heavy deficiencies, pointing to tunneling. The partners were probably deliberately transferring funds with losses, so they could export the company holding away.

If you are interested in interesting and complex information about Viktor Kozeny and Czech Tunneling of the 90’s, click here.

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