Putin: We will target missiles on you if necessary

putin According to the Russian President, most of Czech citizens are not in favor of building the anti-missile shield. He stated that at his last press conference as the president.

Russia is going to aim a part of its missiles to the objects of the American anti-rocket shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, if necessary.

“Who has ever asked Poles and Czechs, whether they want to have these systems there, or not? Who ever asked? The absolute majority are not really keen to support these plans.” Putin said in front of 1300 journalists.

The Russian President repeated again, that his general staff and military experts claim, the American system threatens Russian interests. That’s why Russia has to take actions in the case of a base on the Polish territory “There is not a real thread; Iranian rockets do not exist and everybody knows that.”

“We are not really keen to do that, but it won’t be a problem in other areas. We try to negotiate, but nobody listens.”


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