Vaclav Klaus - The Winner of Discreditable Elections

Vaclav Klaus has won in the knife-edge indirect vote, which has been far from dignified. Just a reflection of Czech Political Culture, in which we live.

We have Klaus for president – a devotedly europhobic president of a EU country which organizes Chairmanship of the EU in 2009. We have a president whose economic skills brought tunneling of the 90’s, and he determines the leaders of the National Bank. A president, who has always put his opinions first. Like when he claims global warming and diseases from passive smoking are just a nonsense.

The world watched the elections and commented; BBC described the vote itself as “marred by threats, bribes and corruption.” and the negotiation ways as “the mafia-style pressure tactics” no wonder. Five ministers reported to get threatening letters, one with a bullet and black powder inside; the first day of elections changed from a dignified ceremony into a street feud, where everyone blamed everyone. At the end, one congressman was threatened on the toilets by an unknown man, after which he got heart stroke and was hospitalized, other two collapsed under the pressure.

The best comment I red was the one by J. X. Dolezal; “At the beginning, one congressman collapsed, than one another started to feel sick, and than also one senator; and at the end about two million people who watched the live broadcast started to feel sick, too, and the representatives went home.”

But I personally accept, Klaus can fascinate his fans; if somebody was born in 1990, he was already born in a country where Klaus has a strong position; and Klaus is still here to be with us. Strong in position for 23 years.


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