A Snake Took A Shelter in A Czech Police Car for A Month

The unusual mascot who accompanied a police unit in Brno, lived in a police car and probably liked it enough to not let himself caught for a month, was finally found. The story starts, when the red grass-snake escaped his breeder to his neighbour, where he hid for a week. pantherophis guttatus - red grass-snake When he was found, the person called police and handled the snake in a box. The snake sensed adventure and so broke from it in the police car, and hid close to engine, where it was warm enough (the story took place during Czech winter).

The police mechanics worked on dismantling the car for a week, then they just gave up. Where exactly the red, nonpoisonous snake hid, is not clear. They labeled the snake as missing and life went on. But one day, the policeman sitting on the front passenger seat recognized the red and hissing, and probably also hungry animal getting to him. He was surprised, but not panicked and caught him. The sanke and his breeder were than reunited again.