From Prague to Paris by Bike Information

International_Paneuropean_Union_flag The Paneuropean bikeline, runs through Norimberg and a number of other touristically attractive areas in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. There are hundreds of interesting spots in its on the 1537 km long track. The new bikeline will be inaugurated 12th April 2008 on the Pan-European festival in Nuremberg.

The European highway E 50, named Via Carolina, connects the CR with France. But the famous predecessor was the Middle-age ‘Golden Route’ on which basis the Paneuropean bikeline is founded.

Paneuropean bikeline runs on existing routes or bikelines. Somewhere it was needed to added pieces, for which purpose were used mostly closed railway sections. Paneuropean bikeline covers under one logo three European countries and two world metropolises, demonstrating connection between the East and the West and contributing to the idea of international understatement.

If you need any more information, visit the Paneuropean bikeline web :