Svejnar is not the President, what are his Plans?

Svejnar_Jan Two days after the presidential vote, Jan Svejnar had a press conference in the Congress Centre, which he managed in a relaxed and professional way. “Do you want to know how I am? I’m fine. I had a long, good sleep.” He joked. The question, what is he going to do in the Czech Republic now, remains unanswered.

In cooperation with Svejnar, who gained in a very short period of time a part of the public on his side, are interested CSSD and SZ, but if he wants to run for the president in five years again, he shouldn’t get too involved with any political party. The only thing he revealed from his future is he is not going to enter any political party.

What is seen as the most possible course of action is Svejnar will enter the Senate. “I don’t exclude my Senate candidacy. I could do other things in the position, too.” What did he think by it? Possibly his science career in the Michigan uni, as to fly to Senate meetings wouldn’t be too difficult. He flies to Prague anyway, as he has other responsibilities here – he is the leader of CERGE institute and also is a member of the supervisory board of CSOB.

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