Klaus and Svejnar Continue in their Rivalry after Elections

The battle of two presidential candidates continues. The first to blame the other was Jan Svejnar, who, at a meeting of the Social Democrats said “…the present president owns his mandate to the votes of turn-coats.” he also expressed hopes for Klaus “will administer his office with more submission, conscious the people want change.”

Vaclav Klus appeared in a TV debate, where he replied “Svejnar has taken recourse to banalities, empty phrases and undignified words in his candidacy speech … I would be ashamed to use such dicta.” when he was asked to specify a little, he continued “… banalities such as education is important and and globalization is important. To discuss the necessity of education is useless, everybody knows how important it is.”

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  1. Tanja said, Feb 22, 06:22 AM #

    It is interesting what Klaus said about Svejnar using the “empty phrases” since that is exactly what my mom said as well. She also told me that Svejnar’s dad used to be part of StB!! No wonder it was easy for them to “escape” to the US!