Applicants for Czech citizenship to do Language Exams

cestina pro cizince The new system of accepting applicants for Czech citizenship demands them to pass a language exam in the Czech Language.

The new law will be valid since January 09, with the exam based on a Europe-wide testing system. The bill is an initiative of the Czech Minister for Human Rights and Minorities Dzamila Stehlikova. She explains the idea behind the project on a model of two countries: In the UK they combine multiculturalism with a demand for standard English. In Germany they underestimated the need of language for integration with the result of segregation of various groups, because of lack of language communication.

Minister Stehlikova, originally from Kazakhstan, also adds it will still be necessary to have lived in the CR for at least five years. The language exam shouldn’t be too difficult, if the person have not avoided normal social contact. The themes will be based on everyday situations, like going to the doctor’s, looking for a job, travel and such.

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