International Metal in Prague

CHIMAIRA (USA), MAROON (GER), THE SORROW (AT). Americans Chimaira are no beginners on the music scene, they excite their audience by their aggressive style for quite a long time and they did quite a number of interesting enterprises Chimaira is a respected music group also tahnks to the fact they avoid trends, they have their own distinctive direction. If they are labelled by a genre, it is the genre they co-established. Their 2007 album Resurrection is an example of a quality Metal album.

Base of everything are instrumental and composing qualities of those six young men from Cleveland. Guitar attacks of Arnold-Devies are breath-taking. A jewel of the brutal rhythmic is a fantastic drum play of Andy Herrick. Roaring of the group frontman Mark Huntar needs no comment.

16th March 2008, start: 18.00 !, 420 CZK, Rock Café, Narodni 20, Prague 1


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