March ducks are nesting. It means spring is here.

When we went to our offices today, even when Prague should becovered in snow in February, the reality is different; girls in skirts, we just in sweatshirts. If we step out of our building now, there is pleasant 20 Celsius – we can go out in t-shirts. I can see the comments which will appear under this article: “We don’t give a damn what you are wearing” but the point is, for people who are heading to Prague as a city on the North, prepare for a winter like by the Mediterranean.

The nature is giving clear signs the spring has begun ; blooming snowdrops, mating rabbits; birds are coming back. March ducks, as the name tells, come back to nest in March – that they are coming back in February means only one thing – Klaus is wrong, global warming is real. I can see the comments again; “How can you state such a thing, there is no expertise, proving that … you damned left-winger” well, there is not, but come to the CR, you will see the proof. It’s February and here is spring already.