Czech Citizens can go to the USA without Visa since autumn 2008

The historic document, signed by Mirek Topolanek in Washington, is of comparable importance as the Schengen one.

The Memorandum of understanding describes, on eight pages, how the cancellation of visa for Czechs to the USA will proceed. The last piece of former Berlin wall will take its leave to the history this year already.

“This means, dreams of a few generations of Czech have been fullfilled.” Mirek Topolanek sated. He compared the signing to cutting of barbed wires at the Czech side of Czechoslovakia borders, after the Berlin wall has went down.

Michael Chertoff chose ceremonial words as well; “This is a milestone, which makes travelling to the USA from countries like the Czech Republic easier, and at the same time it strengthens security of both countries. We are really looking forward for first Czechs to come to the USA without visa, in October or November.”