Five-year old boy crashed his car

illustration photo During the night from Tuesday, the young, 5-year old boy set off from a Czech town Mimon, from his parent’s garage, in their car. He rode for 500 metres, during of which he damaged two parked cars and ended his ride by crashing into a house. He didn’t get hurt, but the damages got to 100 thousand czk, about 3,7 thousands €.

According to the police report the boy wasn’t harmed thanks to low speed he was moving, his crashes didn’t even blast airbag.

The boy was driving in his pyjamas with bunnies. When he crashed into the house, he ran out of the car and hid in a park. The police found him there, after they got a call from a woman who had seen him behind the steering wheel. They turned to social workers, to investigate, how it was possible the parents didn’t know the boy has left in the night, and how it is possible he was able to drive in five years.


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