Kaplicky: If there won't be a decision about Blob, I quit

Blob News: after a year of debates which didn’t bring any satisfactory outcomes, after being said there is a new report, fourth in a row, necessary, Kaplicky stated to resign on the project, if there won’t be a decision in a month.

It has been precisely a year, since Kaplicky’s Blob won the international contest of the best library. Since than, Kaplicky went through many debates (by his own words, those debates made him a politician from an architect against his will) which were not able to set, what the course of action will be. It has been a long year for Kaplicky, and tiredom finally shows up – he stated yesterday, that if the National Library commission won’t decide in a month, he is off.

His decision seems logical when we look at the whole picture – President Klaus would rather chain himself to the ground than allow Blob to Prague, and Prague Mayor Pavel Bem and many other important persons from the ODS back Klaus. For Kaplicky, who is a renowned architect that doesn’t need to be gibbeted just for the sake, will be much better to build his internationally famous National Library in Brno, or Edinburgh, where they will treat him with respect.