Vortex VII in Roxy Hosts Andromeda

andromeda The last episode of Vortex introduced Swedish Progressive project Human Blue. And because the reactions were quite positive, the club dramaturgy invited other psytrance stars, this time from Spanish islands.

Anders Nilsson (30) & Linus Eriksson (25) are Sound Designers based on the Balear Islands – Spain. Both have been producing trance professionally since 2001. First release was out on legendary Spiral Trax & further on English Transient Records. After having released 7 albums and 100+ features on compilations with sales over hundreds of thousands of copies. They constantly touring the most important festivals such as Boom, Trancedence, Ozora, Full Moon, Rainbow Serpent and travelling to all 5 continents frequently to deliver their wellknown Scandinavian Soundscapes.

Andromeda – Anders Nilsson & Linus Eriksson + videotrip by Mimo-TV, start 22:00, Tickets: 220czk, Experimental space Roxy / NoD, Dlouha 33, Prague 1 8th March 2008