Czechs supporting Tibet

On March 10, over a hundred people came in front of the Chinese embassy in Prague with banners and Tibetan flags, to peacefully demonstrate their disagreement with Chinese occupation of Tibet. It was the 49th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese oppression.

A separate demonstration took part in the lower house of parliament, where the Green Party put the Tibetan flag in the window of their room. This was reflected negatively by members of other parties, however Katerina Jacques of GP spoken it was in their window with the logo of the Greens, so it was clear it is a stance of the political party, not the whole parliament.

A number of demonstrators signed an open letter to the Chinese ambassador in Prague, concerning with violation of human rights and freedoms of people in China, especially in Tibet. According to the Lungta association, a total of 348 town halls across the Czech Republic hoisted Tibetan flags Monday.

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