Taste the First-Republic Café in Prague

Into a real first-republic café have changed one of the halls in the Prague City Museum.

Petite tables, chairs and a piano, rightly dressed personnel, good coffee and a glass of water on a silver tray. Everything, as it should be in a good café. “We wanted to attract all the visitors not only to the exhibition, but also to come to sit and feel the atmosphere of the golden age of Prague Cafés.” the author, Dominik Hrodek. So they invited renowned personnel of Café Louvre, to make the café alive.

Historic Café is one of two parts of Prague Cafés and their World (Pražské Kavárny a jejich Svět). In the part close to the entrance the visitors will find mementos to famous Prague enterprises. Daguerreotype pictures, information, and recorded information which you can listen to from an old telephone.

The Exhibition is opened until 31st August 2008 in Prague City Museum, Na Porici 52. If you want to go to have a stylish cup of coffee, its just by the Metro station Florenc.