Titanic: Artifacts, Exhibition in Brno

For the same exhibition in Prague, click here

The story of the most famous ship catastrophe waits for he visitors of the unusual exhibition Titanic: Artefakty (Artifacts), which started in Czech City Brno, in a hall in Hespicka ulice. On the area of two and a half cubic metres the visitors can, thanks to authentic objects, see the sceneries of the tragedy which took lives of more than 1500 people one April night of 1912.

The organizer Ales Hrubek has underlined especially the attractivity of true copies of cabins of first and third class. Greatest emotions can be aroused by personal belongings of passengers, such as a suit-case, evening dress, top hat, music instruments or talismans. There are also luxurious porcelain, silver dipper or glasses.

The project sprung up with help of RMS Titanic, the American company having exclusive licence for rescuing objects from the shipwreck. If you have a way to Brno, make a stop at this exhibition. It last until 12th May 2008


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