Czech constitutional court declined to close the institute for totality

Studying of communist and Nazi totality continues on without restrictions. The constitutional court have denied the complaint of 57 representatives of CSSD (Czech Social Democratic Party) who were demanding banning of the Ustav pro studium totalitnich rezimu (The Institute for Study of Totalitarian Regimes)

CSSD claims, the institute can politically affect history interpretation and the problem is also the word ‘totality’ for them. According to the representatives the regime wasn’t always totalitarian and had some positive moments. All the complaints were denied by the court.

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  1. Goi said, Mar 14, 01:43 PM #

    I don’t envy you for being Czech guys. From all the news I have recently heard it seems the Czech Republic still sucks quite hard. You give significant part of state budget to mafia, most of your politicians are totally crooked, your president is from a communist family, completely egoistic, and all in all useless, almost every year there are new taxes, and now, you have found out 57 members of CSSD are commies. So you have a choice between ODS, that don’t give a damn you are struggling, or communists again. How does it feel, to find your ideal of ‘true and love’ fading?