Dinosaur Exhibition in Prague

Dinosaurs small as ducks but also big as trucks, that’s the range of the exhibition which is to see in Czech National Museum right now.

Today, the Dinosauri z Argentiny (Dinosaurs from Argentina) exhibition started, to continue until 1st June. The exposition of casts form bones of twelve dinosaurs is an outcome of cooperation of Paleontological museum Egidia Feruglia from Argentinian Trelewu. It introduces dinosaurs from various Argentinian excavation sites, which belongs to the geologically oldest in the world.

The meaning of the exhibition is according to paleontologist Jiri Kvacek to introduce, by an entertaining form, especially the school children to the history of the planet. This is the reason, why they can, in chosen terms, try the work of paleontologists – to uncover a part of dinosaur bones and also try casting of teeth of the Mesozoic era lizards.

The exhibition is in the National Museum in Prague now until 1st July, than it moves to Slovakia and Poland.


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