This Wednesday in Prague, at 18:00, Come to Support Tibet

Concerning Czech Political representation, the demonstration on support of the biggest Tibetan revolt against China oppression of the past 20 years, the only who found their time and came were Martin Bursik, the leader of Green Party, and Katerina Jacques, cloaked in Tibetan Flag. At the end, even Vaclav Havel appeared, not to stay silent.

To stay in warmth of their offices and demonstrate from there decided Mirek Topolanek, who anyway spoke for the whole government and expressed “great alarm” they feel about events in China provinces.

Only a fraction of us can imagine, how bad the situation in Tibet really is, the more is necessary to show some support. The situation is desperate, and there is no hope for success – isn’t it a good reason to raise and come? Come. Come in front of the China Embassy, Pelleova 18, Praha 6, this Wednesday, 19th March 2008.


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